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headline news

Kijuro has been introduced on magazine called Sushi No Zasshi for the sushi place who's been doing good business and making great progress.

Kijuro has been published on magazine called Tama Rabi for the popular sake bar in Tama area.

Finally we built our homepage.
We will keep updating on it so please follow for what's new as we go.


Thank you for looking on homepage of kijuro that is located in the city of Tachikawa in Tokyo, who serves japanese food specially with sushi and sake.

We are ready to launch "the enjoying sake concept" from here the city of Tachikawa in Tokyo.

The menu for food is made of 4 catagories.

1. small tapas called "ate" small portion dishes that is made bit salty.

2. sashimi called "tuskuri" seasonal fresh seafood.

3. a la carte called "shukou" cold appetizers,charcoal grilled,fried and steamed dishes that is prepared with beef,pork,chicken, seasonal fish and vegetables.

4. sushi rolls called "atemaki" using the opposite way of rolling with rice, rice is inside and seaweed is outside, which is the traditional japanese style.

The "atemaki" is new style for sushi rolls in Japan that contains the flavored items inside that you don't need to dip in soy sauce unless you are a salty lover! then you can dip in our original soy sauce.

The menu for drinks is mostly japanese sake.

We stock more than 30 kind of sake in our showcasae.You can drink by a cup(90ml),or carafe(180ml and 360ml) so that each portion is small, you can try many kinds of sake from all over Japan at one visit.

Besides, we mark it on menu that we differenciate with 4 types of flavors :well-balanced, dry, fruity, and fullbodied, so it's easy to pick what you like to drink.
Moreover, We are proud to provide our sake selections that many places don't have.

Our challenge is to serve our best selections to people from all over the world.
This is atemaki kijuro that hopes to see many people enjoying here in the city of Tachikawa in Tokyo with the best Japanese sushi and sake.

e-mail: atemakikijuro@gmail.com